Unplanned Pregnancy Counselling

Unplanned pregnancy can be confusing, distressing and lonely. It’s important to take your time and be fully informed. One Family offers a safe, confidential, non-judgemental space to discuss all the options open to you. The aim of our counselling service is to support you as you work through the difficulties and find the best way to move forward with your life.

Unplanned Pregnancy and Parenting

If the decision following unplanned pregnancy is to parent, we offer on-going support through pregnancy and early parenting. We can support you, or you and your parenting partner if applicable, to identify and negotiate the issues and difficulties that may arise.

Unplanned Pregnancy and Adoption

If the decision following unplanned pregnancy is to opt for adoption, we offer on-going support and further professional referrals to help with this decision and process.

Unplanned Pregnancy and Abortion

If the decision following unplanned pregnancy is to terminate, we offer non-directive services to provide practical information on this option.

Men, Unplanned Pregnancy and Counselling

Men often face particular challenges when they experience a crisis pregnancy. Numerous issues may come up in this situation, for which One Family can offer support and counselling.


One Family’s unplanned pregnancy counselling services are free of charge, with regular appointments available at short notice. To enquire about an appointment please click the button below 

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