Post-Abortion Counselling

Everyone’s experience of an abortion is unique and different, and is personal to them. Feelings can be very mixed – relief, anger, loss, uncertainty, regret. All of these feelings are right, simply because you feel it. There are no right or wrong feelings and we are never stuck in any one feeling forever – we all have highs and lows in our lives.

If you have had an abortion whether recently or some time ago and are feeling upset or confused; it can help to come and talk it over in a safe and confidential space. Our fully trained and accredited counsellors are here to offer supportive and non-judgmental guidance.

This short video from One Family’s former Director of Counselling Services, Sherie de Burgh, talks about the range of emotions you may be feeling.


Our service is completely free and is fully funded by the HSE Crisis Pregnancy Programme.

Medical Check-ups

Free post-abortion medical check-ups are advised 2-3 weeks following an abortion. Follow the link for further information.


One Family’s unplanned pregnancy counselling services are free of charge, with regular appointments available at short notice. To inquire about an appointment please click the button below 

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